A. Garcia
Be Your Incredible Self

Thriving Beyond the Trauma

High Performance Coach Focusing On Post Traumatic Growth

Miss Garcia has impacted my life by helping me to see what I need to prioritize for myself and family to reach our goals.
Her coaching has helped me think clearly, know that I am worth having self-worth, and overall removing limited beliefs I’ve carried for a long period of time.

Corie – United States

Miss Garcia is inspirational, a true survivor, and amazing woman! She came into my life and helped me get through one of the hardest moments of it.
She was a pilar of strength when I needed it AND kept me focused using genuine humor mixed with facts and real-life stories that allowed me to reach my goal I the whole time.

Anonymous – United States

“You can move a million times, reality is – you live in your head”

My mission as a PTG Strategist, is to transform your past trauma from toxic relationships into Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)
My mantra of, ‘You don’t live anywhere but in your head’ creates a segway to the variety of programs I offer to help you clearly define and align your mental and emotional belief system so you can BE YOUR INCREDIBLE SELF!

I love teaching my BE YOUR INCREDIBLE SELF (BYIS) formula –  learn how to apply Situational Awareness with Emotional Intelligence so you can control your triggers.

“Even if you feel confused about who you are at this very moment, I know you are clear on who you are NOT!”

“I help you identify where your emotions live in your body, and from that VERY moment, you are empowered.”

Typical Results & Achievements with the Be Your Incredible Self Method

  • Fierce Forgiveness & Self love
  • Intercepting Self Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Learning How to Trust Again
  • Confidence & Courage
  • Clarity & Purpose
  • Creating Energy & Taking Action
  • Building a Community of Support
  • Lifelong Journey of Post Traumatic Growth
I would always reach out to her because she always had a non-bias listening ear when I needed someone to talk to.
She has such a bright spirit that makes you feel good regardless of circumstances. I will always count on her to bring positivity and support into my life. With all that being said, she has impacted my life in a short amount of time and will forever have a special place in my life!

M. Knight- United States

I found working with BYIS to be extremely enlightening. Garcia has a wealth of knowledge, life experience and enthusiasm toward the pursuit for greatness.
My breakthrough moment working with her was when she coached me through the most difficult scenarios I was faced with and achieve healthy solutions to my deep-rooted issues. She is a motivator, and was able to provide the support I needed, not just at that moment in my life but also long term. Thank you BYIS for your professional assistance!

Anonymous – United States

“What you do matters, it leaves a legacy with the ones you love most.”

My goal is to help those who have gone through a toxic relationship accelerate their recovery so they can experience a more satisfying life.

Domestic Violence does not discriminate

Ways to work together

Get your Mental House In Order!

What’s included

Personal Assessment

Welcome Session

2 10-hour days of transformation

4 consecutive week follow up sessions

Pre-recorded journaling sessions

Two 45minute 1:1 coaching calls

Bonus material (healthy recipes, & more)

Specific FB Group for continual support

Bonus BYIS Video Training (9-breathe technique)

BYIS Handouts for future personal growth

Mental & Emotional Reset after a Toxic Relationship.

What’s included

Personal Assessment

 2 10-hour days of transformation

5 Group Sessions

24 Group journaling sessions (2 x day x 12 days)

Two 45minute 1:1 laser focused coaching calls

5 additional Group sessions

Bonus material (jaw dropping food hacks & more)

Specific FB Group for continual support

Handouts and interactive discussions

Bonus BYIS Video Training (9-breathe technique)

Direct messaging access to A. Garcia for the duration of the program

Thrive Program
Post Traumatic Growth after a Toxic Relationship

What’s included

Personal Assessment

2 10-hour days of transformation

24 Group journaling sessions (2 x day x 12 days)

Specific FB Group for continual support

16 Group laser focused weekly teaching and coaching calls

6 Live one-on-one Coaching sessions (1 1hr; 45mins 1x/mo for 5mos)

9-Breathe exercise, Empty force Qi Gong exercise

Bonus BYIS Video Training(s) and Handouts

Toolbox of resources

Direct messaging access to A. Garcia for the duration of the 6 months

A. Garcia

Be Your Incredible Self

16-week 1:1 coaching

You will experience 12 Individual Mastermind Sessions,

Guided Fierce Forgiveness exercise through mental and emotional release

Gain clarity on your purpose

Define your mission, and what you must accomplish to progress

Demonstrate bold enthusiasm as an influencer

Define your truths, your identity and live it

Understand your personal physiology and create the energy you need and deserve

Deep dive into your present emotional and physical vibrancy, and take it a level higher

Minimize distractions to maintain priorities

Identify your support system or team to help you accomplish your goals

Bonus material, videos, personal challenges to integrate

Unlimited messaging access for the duration of the 16 Weeks

Committed & Ready to focus on you?

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