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1:1 BYIS – Coaching

Post Trauma Growth Stragian

A. Garcia, Life Coach & Certified High Performance Coach
– Post Trauma Growth Stragian
Ready to level up your emotional intelligence so you can finally be in control of your triggers? Build your boundaries, and live in clear confidence?
**Ready to level up your emotional intelligence, increase your confidence and build your boundaries around the clarity you have for your future?
Be Your Incredible Self!

16-week 1:1 coaching:

  • You will experience 12 Individual Mastermind Sessions,
  • Guided Fierce Forgiveness exercise through mental and emotional release
  • Gain clarity on your purpose
  • Define your mission, and what you must accomplish to progress
  • Demonstrate bold enthusiasm as an influencer
  • Define your truths, your identity and live it
  • Understand your personal physiology and create the energy you need and deserve
  • Deep dive into your present emotional and physical vibrancy, and take it a level higher
  • Minimize distractions to maintain priorities
  • Identify your support system or team to help you accomplish your goals
  • Bonus material, videos, personal challenges to integrate
  • Unlimited messaging access for the duration of the 16 Weeks

6-Month Thrive Program

Life after an abusive relationship can leave you with aftershocks like an earthquake!

This 6-month Thrive Beyond the Trauma program is designed to help you shift your blanket of doubts, demeaning inner-critic and emotional insecurities into boundary building confidence, emotional intelligence and trigger controlling courage so that you clear any and all sense of failure around building your life the way you want to live!

In the first month, I’m going to hold your hand and help you get really clear on your emotional wellbeing and what your life will be like once your triggers, emotional needs, and goals are no longer confusing, destructive, or sporadic. Then, we’ll build up your toolbox of accessible resources so you can have them as a reference when you would typically default towards unhealthy or fallback type patterns.

During the 2nd month, you’re going to experience a fierce breakthrough in forgiveness. We’ll take a journey through both inner and outer work so you can level up your energy, commitment and trust in yourself. This month is all about you feeling grounded in altering unhealthy coping skills, guilt, and regrettable reactions, so you can start to experience Post Traumatic Growth and Be Your Incredible Self. 

In the 3rd and 4th month, we conduct a deep dive into your true understanding of confrontation, your personal core belief system, and how you identify your triggers.  This part of the program is where you experience a huge growth milestone as you will be able to compare how your authentic self wants to behave, respond, and influence others to your current behaviors to outcomes.  The awareness and support you receive during this part of the program is designed for you to start integrating the BYIS trigger controlling formula: Applying Confidence in your Situational Awareness (SA) and combining it with your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) so you can hold the highest space of empowerment in controlling your response when triggered.

At the 5th month point, if you’ve done the work, you’re going to have the energy, awareness and ability to shift your thoughts, be intentional, and control your responses when triggered!  This will be another personal journey of breakthroughs as you experience the actual outcome of applying the BYIS formula.  Don’t forget, by this time, your daily conscious habits will have transformed into conditioned healthy behaviors so you can start structuring and creating the life you want to live with confidence, courage and mental freedom!

In the 6th and final month, I’ll provide you with the support you need to help you speak up for yourself so that you can set up boundaries where you may not have been setting them before.  As things come up, I’m here for you and will be providing key exercises and tools to keep you grounded in yourself and focused on your lifelong transformation of Post Traumatic Growth so you can Be Your Incredible Self!

  ***12 beauty’s max per class
6-Month Thrive Program
What’s included
  • Personal Assessment (from 47min call)
  • Specific FB Group for continual support
  • 67 Group journaling sessions (2 x day x 28 days + 1 x day x 11days)
  • 16 Group teaching and coaching calls
  • 6 Live one-on-one Coaching sessions (1 1hr; 45mins 1x/mo for 5mos)
  • 9-Breathe exercise, Empty force Qi Gong exercise
  • Bonus BYIS Video Training(s) and Handouts
  • Toolbox of resources
  • Direct messaging access to A. Garcia for the duration of the 6 months
90-Day BYIS Program

90 Day BYIS Program

Mental & Emotional Alignment after A Violent Relationship

ATTN: Ladies who left a Violent relationship
Faced with emotional triggers? Difficulty trusting again and fighting within to change your inner critic?

If I offered to personally show you the unconventional strategies I’ve used to help other women condition their elite mindset, and develop the ability to identify and control emotional triggers to transform personal belief systems into a life of clarity and courage…….

  • WITHOUT doctor evaluation cycles, referrals, and prescription drugs
  • WITHOUT spending all of your free time in various groups offering minimal results
  • And within 90days…

…..would you take me up on that offer?

Don’t settle for less!

3 month Self Realignment Program

Convo with Client on Clarity – Purpose – Commitment (based on Free 47min Emotional Clarity Session)

You can physically go anywhere you desire – the reality is you live in your head and emotional belief system!  After all, that’s what comprises the core of who you are!  After experiencing a violent relationship, moving on is merely defined as a physical action.  Our conditioned mental and emotional state is what needs to move on in a healthy manner.

This 90-day BYIS “Mental and Emotional Reset” program is designed to condition your behaviors into daily healthy habits so you can start the process of eliminating shame and regret. You will develop a heightened sense of situational awareness and emotional intelligence so you can live confidently in responding to your triggers while staying consciously focused on your intentions.

In the first month, I’m going to hold your hand as we get really clear on your emotional wellbeing, your personal belief system, and how you carry them out.  Then we will take a deep dive into what your life will look like once your belief system is reframed. This way, you can get a realistic picture of your life after this program!  You will also experience a form of mental emotional release accompanied by fierce forgiveness into freedom!  Lastly, we’ll build up your toolbox of accessible resources so you can have them as a reference as we take this journey together.

It takes 6-12 months to break a bad habit, it takes 21-28 days to create a new one.  In the second month, we are going to be laser-focused on behaviors that conform into healthy habits.  Transformation requires consistency and accountability. During this 28-day journey together we will meet every day, twice a day (or you can watch) to hold each other accountable for conditioning our behaviors to develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  We will also incorporate healthy food and beverage challenges throughout the program.

The 3rd and final month will also be full of challenges to push your limits in leveling up your ability to exceed your own expectations! We will exercise healthy self-confrontation, learn self, social, and situational awareness, identify challenged personal triggers from last month, and gain insight into your emotional intelligence so you have clarity, confidence, and courage to Be Your Incredible Self as you move on.   See you there!

3-Month Realignment
What’s included
  • Personal Assessment (from 47min call)
  • 5 Group Sessions in 1st month
  • 56 Group journaling sessions in the 2nd month (2 x day x 28 days)
  • 5 Group sessions in the 3rd month
  • Three 45minute 1:1 coaching calls
  • Bonus material (jaw dropping food hacks & more)
  • Specific FB Group for continual support
  • Handouts and interactive discussions
  • Bonus BYIS Video Training (9-breathe technique)
  • Direct messaging access to A. Garcia for the duration of the 3 months
45-Day Bootcamp
What’s included
  • Personal Assessment (from 47min call)
  • 1 Group Session – Welcome
  • 67 Group journaling sessions (2 x day x 28 days + 1 x day x 11days)
  • Two 45minute 1:1 coaching calls Bonus material (healthy recipes, & more)
  • 3 additional group coaching calls day 33, 39 & 45
  • Specific FB Group for continual support
  • Bonus BYIS Video Training(s) (9-breathe technique)
  • Handouts and interactive discussions

45-day Bootcamp

BYIS & Get Your Mental House in Order!

You can move a million times, but you’ll always live in your head!
After surviving a violent relationship, moving out is the physical component. Moving on can become a bigger challenge, as moving on relates to your thoughts.

This 45 day “Get Your Mental House in Order” Bootcamp is designed to condition you into developing healthy habits to produce a heightened sense of awareness and keep you consciously aware of your intentions so you can BYIS eliminating shame, self-doubts, and regrets from being triggered.

It takes 6-12 months to break a bad habit, and 21-28 days to start a new one. Let’s get your Mental House in Order so you can be clear on your daily intentions and consciously carry them out!

In the first week, we’ll have a meet and greet, setting the tone and environment to a safe and respectful place for all participants to be authentic and honest with their challenges and testimonies.  This is a pressure free zone as well, meaning you can join as a group, or you can partake independently as daily sessions will be posted and everyone receives a 1:1 coaching session with me.  As we begin the first 28 days of building healthy habits (every day) I will hold your hand to help you get clear and be accountable in creating healthy daily habits so you can start gaining control of your morning mindset and carrying out your intentions throughout the day. You’ll enjoy the evening habit scorecards to help you reflect on your day and track your personal progress.  During this 28-day journey together, we will also go over the significance of your food intake and the direct association it can have on your daily mood, your energy level, and how to mitigate cravings!

In the last two weeks, if you’ve done the work, you’re going to have developed daily healthy habits, and more clarity in your day with a purpose driven commitment to controlling your thoughts so you can move toward your personal planned intentions. Meaning, you will have reached a measurable milestone in the transformation process!  In addition, I will be offering bonus material and resources which we will turn into a class challenge!  I invite you and encourage you to play – if you incorporate any of these challenges into your daily life – you will realize you can have more time, more energy, even more clarity, and potentially more sleep!