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About A. Garcia

Blessed by His perfect design – I’m about Restoration

Abandoned as a tiny toddler and left in the circumstances my own mother ran away from and becoming an only child at 3 when my baby sibling passed away, created a future comprised of overcoming or sinking. Throughout my life, I have been broken many times. Growing up, I adapted to my ever-changing environment; I repeated patterns, accepted similar patterns, and struggled with internal battles. Influenced by belief systems around me and exposed to things one would protect their child from, I was constantly seeking a grounded, secure space to feel safe and be myself.

Surviving the streets of Chicago as a teen in the 90’s with every corner holding down the set 24/7; addicts, alcoholics, and prostitutes right outside the door, dropping out of High School, and consistently worried about making it home safe, I joined dance crews and battled it out on the floor. Most of my friends had single-parent homes; when it was learned I had no mother or siblings, I was blessed with many open doors. This is when, where, and how I learned and embraced the Hispanic Culture. This is also how I became a young mother.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, overcoming or sinking became the story in every area of my life. The fight to survive at such a young age, continuing through the teenage years and bleeding into my adult life – created extreme independence, which I truly enjoyed and would pride myself in. Over time, I learned that extreme independence is a trauma-driven response, and I was using it as a shield to protect myself from being hurt again, having to trust, and being let down.

As a survivor of childhood violence and emotional suffering, teenage violence with my first love believing it was normal behavior, and through the first year of our child’s life – I made a few promises to my baby: I would not repeat what my mother did, I would not repeat what my father exposed me to, I would not accept violence no matter what, and I will carry out my definition of a mother/woman having her ‘Sh** Together’. It wasn’t long before I left him, took my baby, and moved to a place most people wouldn’t even consider. I finished my GED, signed up for college, and moved further from the hood. He ran out of the state and never looked back, no child support, no relationship with his child, nothing.

After building an awesome support system, working full time, in college part-time, and raising my child as a single mother for almost 10 years, I decided to try another serious relationship by applying the best version of myself possible. The opportunity to move out of state was presented and we decided to go for it! Thousands of miles away from home, unpacking and settling in while 8mos pregnant, I was attacked. The father of our unborn child pinned me to the floor with one hand around my neck, straddling my 8month pregnant stomach, and continuously closed fist punched me with several powerful blows to the head. My child woke up to the noise and faintly called for me, ‘Mom, Mom’ in a scared voice I never heard from her. Something within snapped, the adrenaline immediately rushed through my veins as I realized what was happening. My neck w used as a kickstand as I thrust my hips toward the ceiling as hard and fast as I possibly could to get him off of me. It all happened so quickly, and in just enough time to meet my child at the bottom stairs, grab her little hand and run straight out the door.

The most unbelievable journey of surviving and protecting my children started at that very moment. You will have to follow me or take my classes to learn more. I can truly say over the past 20 years I have sought, attended, and applied so many classes, mentorships, and self-help avenues to overcome my and my children’s trauma. My laser-focused survival mindset way to protect and provide for my kids. It took for my oldest to move out to tell me I wasn’t emotionally available. That was a painful moment for me, very hard to accept, and I knew I had to shift my laser focus abilities to learning emotional awareness and emotional intelligence to make things right as a mom who was always a mama bear.

So now, I am dedicating my life to teaching you how to banish self-destructive behaviors and create daily habits to promote a lifelong journey of post-traumatic growth.

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