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Be Your Incredible Self

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What's Be Your Incredible Self all about?

A. Garcia

Be Your Incredible Self is all about Post Traumatic Growth! 

Let’s face it, after a toxic relationship the level of devastation and impact has no limit and learning the new you can feel like a daunting task. Not being clear on who you are can be a scary place, no matter how long it’s been!  Dealing with daily emotional and mental doubts can be draining… and if you haven’t discovered how to intercept those self sabotaging cycles stirred from the past – your present and future is being robbed.

If you’re picking up what I’m laying down, then you already know there’s absolutely no denying you’re ready to get your mental house in order so you can be clear about the person you want to become and what you really want right now! You deserve to have the physical vibrancy and stamina to accomplish your goals and live a more satisfying life. 

BYIS is all about Post Traumatic Growth, so if you’re ready and committed to Be Your Incredible Self – it’s a lot easier to get started when you have the right tools and support!  The founder of BYIS was abandoned by her own mother as a toddler, survived a double attempted homicide as an adult and faced various adverse events head on.  Wisdom from her personal experience and high performance training is how she delivers the proven tools and techniques to help level up your coping skills, build a trusting relationship with yourself, and identify your positive intelligence.  

The BYIS program is a sure fire way for you to thrive beyond the trauma of most mental and emotional inner tug-of-wars!  As you learn how to apply the BYIS tools, you will see and feel more grounded and clear in who you are and who you are not. Your inner strength, self awareness, and intentions will soon be your wealth of self wisdom, and the best part – it won’t cramp your style, your budget or your schedule!

With the BYIS program you’re about to discover… the times of questioning, doubting, and listening to your self destructive inner critic will finally be captured, confronted, and used for positive intelligence and personal growth! Nobody knows you better than you. With that said, I first help you get really clear on who you’re not so you can confidently set your boundaries around that. Then we work towards staying committed to the outcome as we navigate multiple strategies to banish the self destructive beliefs and create daily habits to promote a lifelong journey of Post Traumatic Growth 

Confidently aligned with your EQ. Clear in your Purpose